Root Canal Treatment   

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure performed by dentists and
endodontists. Depending on your general dentist's preference and comfort level, a
patient may be referred to an endodontist for completion of the procedure.
Regardless, the goal of this procedure is to retain a natural tooth which would
otherwise require extraction.

The root canal of a tooth is the hollow space in the center of the tooth and root(s)
which contains the soft dental pulp (root canal tissue). This tissue was primarily
involved in the formation of the tooth during childhood. The dental pulp is basically
composed of blood vessels, nerve, and connective tissue.

A tooth can develop the need for root canal therapy from a variety of reasons.
Commonly, a history of deep decay, deep decay and subsequent restoration-fillings,
crowns, etc., can ultimately lead to an inflammation and/or infection of the soft root
canal tissue over time. Depending on the severity, the presence of a crack or history
of dental trauma may also create the need for root canal therapy.

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the inflamed or infected tissue in the
central portion of a tooth. A biocompatible filling material is then placed within the
disinfected root canal system. Eventually, a permanent crown or permanent filling
material will need to be placed to protect the tooth.

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