"Dr. Colombo & staff-Thank you for taking such great care of me in such a timely manner!"

"I can't thank you enough for your care & treatment of my rather challenging teeth!  You made my visit comfortable,
painfree and in many ways enjoyable!  Seriously thank you.  You are all wonderful"

"Thank you so much for squeezing my patient into your busy day.  You all are awesome!"
Dr. F

"Thank you for such excellent work on my root canal and the attempted root canal.  They were such painless
procedures.  It was you that discovered the reabsorded tooth.  I have had it extracted and will have an implant done.  
You were very thorough and I highly recommend your very skilled work.  Just wanted you to know you are

"Dear Dr. Colombo and Staff-thank you so much for the time, attention, and kindness you showed me yesterday!  You
are wonderful people!  May God bless you all!"
"Dr.Colombo and Staff:  I tried to find on the website where I could write a tremendous review on
your  wonderful service you did on my root canal and the extraordinary customer service your
staff extended to myself and my family while in the waiting room.  I couldn’t tell you how
comfortable I felt from the time I walked in your office and was greeted by the young lady at the
front desk(just PHENOMENAL).  I truly appreciate your Dental Assistant also going over the
procedure and letting me know what was going to take place, although this was a day before my
Birthday, please know it was all worth it!  You’re a GOD given GIFT along with your staff—I have
told “all” my co-workers how wonderful you guys were and you should see some of the blank
stares I get, because often at times who goes around talking about a “DENTIST” when often at
times some of us fear going to the Dentist.  Honestly, I almost shed tears because despite how
I feel about my teeth, you guys made me feel wonderful all over again!  You Dr. Colombo and
your staff have removed that FEAR from me.  I will continue to pass your name and number to
others as I have done so today.  Thank you so much!"
"I spoke with my patient today and I understand that you were able to successfully complete endodontic therapy for
her.  She was most impressed, not only with you, but the kindness of your entire office staff.  Thank you for your
excellent help and I knew that if anyone could help her, it would be you."
Dr. J

"Hi, just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent experience with my root canal.  I didn't have even one tiny
bit of pain before or after.  I can certainly understand why my regular dentist, Dr. L recommended you for this
specialized work."

"I just wanted to thank you for making my visit to your office a very positive experience.  You all were so genuine and
wonderful!  Thank you for making my phobia of root canals perish!!!  I hope I don't have to visit you again, but if I do, I
won't be afraid.  Thanks!" 

"You have done such nice work for our patients and I appreciate your help and friendship!"
Dr. W

"I really can't adequately express how much it means to me as a parent to have received such excellent care for my
daughter.  From the moment I called to make the appointment, I knew we would be putting her in good hands.  Dr.
Colombo, watching you work and applying your skills was exhausting.  You didn't stop until it was perfect.  Whew!  If
anyone must go through the torment of a root canal, I know where to refer them."

"I am so grateful to you and your staff for the wonderful dental procedures I received.  You are indeed compassionate
and I feel blessed to be the recipient of your medical expertise and kindly manner."

"Thank you for excellent root canals, for the first time in 7 weeks I am pain free.  If you have to have a root canal you
guys were the best.  Thanks!"

"I'm writing this to let you know how much I appreciate you.  I know there are not very many people who want to visit
an endodontist (I was one of them!)  I believe you did everything humanly possible to make my experience as positive
as possible.  I was genuinely impressed with your care, concern and follow through.  You stayed with me until the pain
was gone!"

"I wanted to thank you all for your kindness.  You all made what is typically thought to be a horrible experience (getting
a root canal) to one that wasn't bad at all.  I was blown away by your warmth and kindness.  You offered me a jacket
when I was cold.  Dr. Colombo, your bedside manner should be taught in medical schools everywhere.  It was so
helpful and calming the way you talked to me and told me just about every move you were going to make so I would
know what was coming.  And then for you to personally do a follow-up call to check on me that night.  Just thank you

"Thanks so much for all you have done.  The root canals on #3 and #30 were the answers I needed.  NO MORE
PAIN!  Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for your kindness to me.  You are an excellent endodontist.  I am so fortunate to have you on
my team!"
Dr. M.

"I was apprehensive and scared going into my root canal-but you and your assistant made it so easy!!  I appreciated
the time you took to explain all the procedures.  Then to top it all off-the follow up call that you made on a Friday
evening (during a holiday weekend) truly amazed me and it really does set you apart from the rest.  I greatly
appreciated the extra care and effort!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!"

"On January 3rd Dr. Colombo performed a root canal procedure on one of my molars.  I was so impressed with the
friendliness, professionalism and efficiency of everyone in the office.  I will recommend your office to anyone who
needs endodontic work.  My insurance paid more than estimated and I was amazed to receive such a rapid refund.  
Thank you for that, too."

"Thank you very much for the care you showed me throughout the procedure.  I will gladly recommend you to anyone
needing endodontic services!"

"Thank you for your professional care.  You are a very gifted doctor and you also have a wonderful team with both
Donna and Dinera."                

"I want to thank you and your staff for 'staying late' to take care of my root canal before your vacation.  You really
made a difference."

"I want to thank you for the excellent care you provided in my recent visits to your office.  I noticed a very distinct
difference in your careful, meticulous work compared to the care I received before.  Also, you have the nicest most
caring staff I have ever encountered."

"Thank you so much for how kindly you treated me at my root canal on the 10th.  You made me feel comfortable and
not silly for needing sedation.  All of you were so kind and caring.  I truly appreciate it.  I told everyone to use you!  
Thank you again!"

"Not only are you all kind, patient, and scrupulous, but three whole office visits worth of the same.  No kidding I tell
anyone who'll listen about your excellent practice.  Thank you very much!"

"Ms. Dinera, and Dr. Colombo-just wanted to thank you for your excellent service.  It's wonderful to eat pretzels without
fear.  Everyone at Painless Potters School of Dentistry is very proud of you.  Thanks!"

"Thank you so much for fitting me into your schedule last minute.  I've been scared of dentists and root canals for quite
some time.  I was shocked today while leaving your office to realize that you'd alleviated all of my pain and I'd never
felt any pain while in your chair.  It means so much that you cared enough about my discomfort to accomodate me and
make it as pleasant as possible.  I certainly hope I won't have to see you again, but if I do, I know that I won't dread the
experience. Thank you again."

"Early this week I came in at the referral of my dentist.  I was impressed by you and your office team and just wanted
to thank you for what I know I made a challenging recommendation to extract my front tooth.  You must wonder when
you meet people for 20 minutes and recommend follow-up care that removes them from your scope of care whether
there's any long standing value in what you've provided.  I just want to affirm you that there is TRUE VALUE in the
concise, genuine counsel of someone you almost have to trust immediately.  I admire you Dr. Colombo for your
credibility and sincerity.  What a wonderful combination-especially knowing many must come to you in great pain.  
You make a difference and my family and I would see you again-with confidence in a heartbeat! Best!"

"Dr. Colombo and wonderful staff-Thanks for your care and attention on my rogue tooth.  It's great to go to a
healthcare professional and know that they are so highly regarded."

"This is my first time to do this.  I was so impressed with your entire staff.  Starting with Donna, then Melissa, and
yourself.  I also noticed the respect you show the staff.  The extra time you gave to save my crown was very
appreciated.  Although I don't plan to see you all for some time, I have no problem recommending you to others.  May
you have continued success."

"It is wonderful to be pain free again.  Thanks to you, I can once again chew on my left side, and I can enjoy foods and
drinks without warning them.  I am sincerely grateful to you and your staff. Thank you!"

"Hello and best wishes to all of you!  I do want to express my deep gratitude for taking your time to help me when I had
a severe toothache...and my smile was gone!  But with the grace of God and your very efficient work I feel fine now
and grateful to your kindness forever.  My love and prayers with you."
Sister L.R.

"Just wanted to thank you for a very good experience at your office.  From first contact on the telephone through the
'root canal' I encountered nothing but positive interaction.  I will most certainly recommend your office to my friends
who might need your services.  I felt 10,000 times better when I left your office.  Thanks for your good care."

"Dr. Colombo & staff-Thank you for taking such great care of me in such a timely manner!"

"Just a note to thank you for the kind and gentle care you provided my mother.  She is doing fine and will have her
permanent crown placed December.  Your help with our 'dental crisis' is and was very much appreciated.  May your
Christmas be joyful and your New Year blessed."

"Thank you so much for all your help!  I really appreciate you and all you guys do and being so nice on top of it all!"
"I have such a fear of any dental procedure, but you made my procedure almost enjoyable.  You
do wonderful work, and I appreciate the extra time and attention by making sure I was pain free,
and keeping me informed of what was happening and what to expect.  You and your staff are just
the most wonderful people.  I hope I don't need another root canal, but I know where I am going if
I do; not to mention I'll be telling everyone I know to go to you.  Again, thank you so
"I would like to thank you and your staff for being absolutely wonderful!!!  You and your team 'go
over the top' on customer service...especially when someone is in such severe pain as I was
yesterday!!!  Thank you for being so caring, careful and excellent at what you do!!!  I will always
be grateful for such wonderful service!!!  THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!!!"
"Thank you for your excellent care of both (of my patients).  The radiographic results are perfect.  
I am quite frankly amazed you were able to locate and instrument the canals on (patient name).  
My referrals to your office are always made with confidence!"
                                                                     Dr. L
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"Thank you so much for the excellent care, treatment and service!  Each one of you went above and beyond.  Dr.
Colombo's exceptional treatment and compassion made a very unnerving procedure quite tolerable!  THANK YOU!

"Dr. Colombo and staff; Many many thanks for finding time to see me last week.  The patients we refer to you rave
about the good care they recieve from all of you.  Now I know 1st hand, I never would have guessed that my problem
tooth was #15 but due to your superior detective work you found it"
                                                                                                                                 S.D. Employee at referring dentist office
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