How long is a typical endodontic treatment appointment?
The length of an appointment can range from approximately an hour to an hour and a half. This time
variation is related to the complexity of the treatment. Additional time is often needed for anesthesia,
questions, and post-operative instructions.
    Do endodontic procedures involve more than one appointment?
Most of our routine treatments are completed in one appointment. However, because of the
inherent challenges associated with a particular tooth or diagnosis, we occasionally require two
appointments to properly complete a treatment to conform to the standards of care.
    Will I need to see my dentist after my appointment at your office?
Usually, you will need to return to your dentist for placement of a crown or other restoration.  
However, if we are treating a previously crowned tooth or a front tooth, our office may be able to
place the final restoration for your tooth.
    Do you offer sedation if I am extremely anxious regarding dental appointments?
We offer oral sedation utilizing a common anti-anxiety medication. Should this be a consideration
regarding your treatment, we typically require an initial consultation appointment. This will allow
us to review your medical history and assess your anxiety as it pertains to prescribing the
appropriate dosage of the medication.  We also offer in office IV sedation overseen by a nurse
anesthetist.  This requires an intial consultation appointment prior to treatment.
    Dental Insurance - What is a Yearly Maximum?
The yearly maximum is the most money a dental insurance plan will pay out within one full year.  It
will automatically renew every year and could run on a calendar year (January to December), or a
fiscal year, depending on your dental plan. If you have unused benefits, these will not roll over with
most dental insurance companies.
    Should I stop taking my medications before the root canal?
You should continue taking all medications prescribed to you by your physician or general dentist.  
If you have been advised by your physician or dentist to use antibiotic premedication prior to
dental treatment, please make sure you take this as advised.
    Can I return to work or school after my appointment?
In most cases, you should be able to return to work or school the same day as your root canal
treatment.  If your tooth requires surgery (apicoectomy) you should expect to remain at home
for 24 hours following treatment and not to travel outside the immediate area for 10 days.
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